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Sanby x eric Endless Rubber Stamp Set


Endless stamps are able to connect each other the way you wish to, with 7 of them able to connect side by side and 9 of them able to connect top and bottom. You are free to use them individually or connect few of them together. They are easy to be attached and detached, easy to use, and long-lasting. 

This set of connecting stamps features adorable designs by by Eric the Small Things, a Japanese eraser stamp artist. Great for adding lovely touches and decorating your pages and outgoings. Feel free to use them with different ink pads, the outcomes will be lovely! 



(Storage) W13cm x D5.2cm x H7cm; 

(Stamp) 11.3×8.2mm … x14; 5.6×8.2mm … x2

Produced by Sanby

Designed by Eric the Small Things

Made in Japan