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Plain Stationery

Research Notes - Shadow of Lines Notebook


Research Notebook is the beautifully crafted product by Plain Stationery, a beautiful, supple notebook inside and out. It is designed to create a writing experience that you will enjoy. 

Each page of this notebook is imprinted with ruled lines, embossed page by page with cautious and attentive. You can feel each of the lines with slight depression with your hands. As these lines are not printed with ink, they are only visible in some certain angles, provide a pleasant elegance of visual expression.

Two different types of paper available for this notebook: the one with papers for smooth writing (red colour cover) and papers for more stable writing (green colour cover). 

the twin ring binding keeps your memo pad laying flat. 

Every writing experience is a joy with this notebook. Papers from Research Notes can handle fountain pen or dip pens ink well and will work with almost any pen and ink combination. It provides an exceptionally pleasing writing experience free of feathering and bleed-through. As inks dry quickly on these papers, you can close the notebook and close it away without worrying about ink transfer. It is a good option for left-hand users too. 

Another remarkable point of this notebook is its elegant and richly detailed silver-stamping cover that exudes a superb sense of quality for this notebook. The sturdy paperboard at the bottom also provides better support for stable writing comfort. 


Size: 14.5 × 20.5 × 1.2 cm

Contents: 65 sheets

Designed by Plain Stationery

Made in Taiwan