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Plain Stationery

Research Notes Notepad


Research Notes by Plain Stationery is a notepad that features fast-drying papers which allows you have a better writing experience. Super smooth papers can be a joy to write on, but they typically take longer for ink to dry. With this notepad developed by Plain Stationery, it can handle fountain pen ink well and will work with almost any pen and ink combination. 

As inks dry quickly on these papers, you can close the notebook and close it away without worrying about ink transfer. It is a good option for left-hand users too.


This is a compact-size notepad which allows you to carry easily. You may want to use this when dropping someone a note or a line. It is versatile and easy to bring along or put into a bag or backpack.

This notepad lie flat when opened. The thick paperboard at the bottom also provides for stable writing comfort. This also allows you to write comfortably when you are standing and holding it with one hand.

Each page is printed with half-page of grids and another half with black paper, making it a versatile notepad. The pages of the notepad are perforated at the middle, making it easy to tear out. 


Size: 14.8 × 9 × 0.8 cm

Contents: 80 sheets

Designed by Plain Stationery

Made in Taiwan