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Rakui Hana 羅久井ハナ

Rakui Hana Postage Stamp Stickers - Mail Day


These beautifully printed postage stickers by Rakui Hana would create a beautiful and alluring vibe on your outgoings, craft projects or journal pages. They are great for adding a touch of elegance.


Content: 17 pieces (1 sheet)

Size: 24×29mm per sticker

Designed by Rakui Hana 羅久井ハナ

Made in Japan


Rakui Hana 羅久井ハナ



Rakui Hana is a Japanese rubber stamp artist & illustrator who is known for her hand-curved rubber stamps which only accept orders for a few times a year. With these delicately illustrated rubber stamp sets (non hand-curved), we could now enjoy her beautiful and unique designs easier.     




Rakui Hana was majoring in British & American Literature (including children's literature, English poetry and Shakespeare) at university in Tokyo. When she was a third-year student in 2007, she started making stamps as a hobby at the art room of university. Ever since the stamp of the boy with an opened backpack was made in those days, she has used it for her logo mark. The designer has also received a GEKKOSO prize on 2011 at the GEKKOSO Moon Light Exhibition.