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Post-it Black Memo Pads


Post-it sticky notes are great for jotting down little reminders for your big ideas then sticking them to your journal (gets great attention on white surface!), computer monitor, filing cabinet, or walls for further reference. They are repositionable and will not damage the surface you stick them on. This black sticky note also allows other colour markers show up well on it (especially gold, silver and white colours!)

Besides using as normal post-it, they could be used as little decorations and create a rustic atmosphere. Whether as a message card, gift card or decoration on outgoing mail, this black memo pad will became an expressions of visual elegance on your journal, gift-wrapping or any artworks.

For pens recommend by Chalkboy, see Uni Posca Paint Marker (White) - 0.7mmUni-ball Signo Broad Gel Pen (White/Gold/Silver)


Content: 80 sheets/per pack

Size: 76 x 76mm