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Pion: Words PET Tape


This pet tape features simple yet elegant handwriting words on a simple or transparent background. These words are more than just a decoration, they are personal affirmations and reflections that one may find meaningful. Each word is carefully selected to inspire and motivate, reminding you to cherish every moment and embrace the beauty of life.

善待自己 或成為更好的人: Be kind to yourself Or become a better person
倘若潮起之後 總會有日落: If the tide rises, there will always be a sunset
剛剛好: Just right
一切都是最好的安排: Everything is the best arrangement
#取悅自己: #Please yourself
磨去所有稜角 只為了在社會流暢滾動: Smooth out all the edges to roll smoothly in society
喜歡: like/enjoy 
明天見 see you: See you tomorrow
晚安: good night
長得漂亮不如活得漂亮: It's better to live beautifully than to just look beautiful
諸事皆宜: everything goes well
把人生活成獨一無二的專屬: Live your life as a unique and exclusive experience

願經歷山河人覺得人間值得: May those who have experienced the mountains and rivers feel that life is worth living

The minimalist yet elegant design of the tape ensures that it complements any surface it is placed on, making it a versatile addition to your craft supplies. Use it to decorate your journal pages, scrapbook, or any art project, and let these words of inspiration uplift and encourage you. Get ready to be inspired and let these words guide you towards a more meaningful life.

The tape comes with backing paper, making it effortless to cut and preserve each pattern as desired. 

Get your sample today! A perfect and affordable way to see and feel these amazing tapes in person. Unsure of the patterns, textures or colours of these beautiful tapes? Not sure what the tapes really look like or which to choose? Buy a sample. The sample provides a selection of the tape, one cycle or loop for each design. 


Size: 3.5cmx10m

Designed by Pion

Made in Taiwan