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Jieyanow Atelier

Phase to Loving You Moon Phases Sticker Sheets


[Phases to loving YOU] collection is all about SELF LOVE
This collection was created to raise the importance of self love in this modern society. People aspire to be perfect and it's shaped in such a way that we often end up being to hard on ourselves without even realizing.

The idea of building the life we dream, being happy and complete as an individual is precious during our magical stay in this universe.

Self love is the only way to keep us really contented, grounded and is an empowering feeling to be truly happy on the inside.

- jieyanow atelier

This moon phases sticker sheets by Jieyanow Atelier are breathtaking.

Each pack consists of 2 sheets of moon phases stickers by Jieyanow Atelier, deal for adorning your journal pages, scrapbooking, rubber stamping, collaging, card making, and many more occasions. The richness of colours, textures or their simplistic would become expressions of visual elegance.



Content: 2 pieces/set

Size: 16x10cm each

Designed by Jieyanow Atelier