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Peeping Tiger Ornament


Let's ring the new year with this adorable ornament of tiger! The tiger (寅) is one of the 12-year cycle of animals and 2022 will mark the beginning of the Year of Water Tiger. Representing courage and confidence, the tiger is described as the symbol of protection against the evil spirits and demons in Japanese folks.

Each piece is carefully handcrafted and coloured by skilled Japanese craftsmen, please kindly note that each piece might has its own distinct tones and imperfections.

Tiger (tora in Japanese) has been known as good luck with its strong legs and paws This peeping tiger has the perfect size to place on your desk or behind your cup, creating a scene that the tiger is peeping at you. A lovely and charming tiger that will definitely bring smile to your face. Perfect gift for the new year or any other occasion. 



Size: 21.5x27.5x4.5cm

Material: Pottery

Made in Japan