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Paperweight XI - XIII


a paperweight project #archivebysom

'archive' refers to records made by an individual or more people. With the slogan 'collecting and creating moments’, we focus not only on the process of collecting things but also adding value and memories to them. 

Encased in crystalline acrylic block, each paperweight has encapsulated a moment. Its shape allows you to admire the floral embedded in the block from different angles.

It can be decorative or functional -- for holding your papers and keeping your desk or work space organised, adding some natural beauty to your desk or a thoughtful gift for your loved ones.

Each paperweight is made with real flowers preserved and handmade with care and love. 


Please kindly take note that:

Each paperweight is carefully handcrafted. Fine air bubbles or powder-liked materials may found inside, however, they are not considered as defection. | Avoid placing under direct sunlight and heat. | Each piece last a lifetime but please kindly take note that it is made of a chemically compounded plastic that will naturally yellow over time. | Non-toxic, safe to use. | Each plant specimen is unique in term of colour, shape and size. None will be the same and not exactly like the one photographed. 


Size: approx. 30x50mm

Made in Malaysia