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OURS Rubber Stamp - This Belongs to...


Introducing the latest summer collection by OURS —— The Wayfarer. A captivating beloved collection that transport you back to a charming museums of a quaint town. Embark on a delightful journey that allow you to imagine yourself as a traveller, bringing joy and sparking your creativity with beautifully designed stationery products.

想著藏書票 / 包裹裝飾的感覺設計的印章,


Beautiful wooden rubber stamp designed by OURS would bring beautiful vignette to your pages or outgoings. Whether on your as a decoration on your pages, a note or gift card, it is a great choice for adding beautiful accents with its detailed designs. You could also pair it with other  washi tapes and rubber stamps, glitter or paper embellishments for enhanced appeal.


Size: 55 x 34 x 24 mm

Designed by OURS 森林好朋友

Made in Taiwan