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OURS Research Project Journal 2024


52 weeks (1 week 2 pages) Research Project Weekly Journal designed by OURS Studio is a diary book that you would amazed by the small details of each page. In welcoming the year of 2024, this journal could embark on a visual journey, where every page is a canvas for memories frozen in time. Each pages of the journal are adorned with the rich, authentic charm of film photos. 

Research Project Weekly Journal by OURS is a compact and complete diary, providing both monthly and weekly schedules as well as space for notes. Each month is featured on a double-pages, followed by weekly overviews. Laid out on a double-pages as well the weekly overviews divide the page into eight blocks.

Inspired by Research Project ('jiyu kenkyu'; じゆうけんきゅう; 自由研究) which given out by most of the Japanese elementary schools as summer vacation homework, this journal is designed like a yearly homework -- a 1-year research project for you!


Monthly Schedule Pages

Each month is printed with the film photos accompanied by the written touch by Koopa. Each monthly overview page features a lot of free spaces that allow you to use this area to record any free notes, sketches, illustrations or to adorn with your stickers and rubber stamps freely. 


Weekly Schedule Pages

52 weekly overview pages are beautifully printed with delightful film photos and unique colour palettes that enhance the visual appeal of each page. Each week would be a new surprise for you to explore.

On the upper left corner block, you find a compact overview of the month,  followed by a block per day with plenty of space to schedule out your day. The lunar calendar date corresponds to each day and moon phase of the day are also shown for each day at the corner of the page.


A free notebook along the Journal

Each book of journal comes with a special gift prepared by OURS. Each page is printed with blocks that are designed with big space for you to paste business cards, receipts, tags or badges that you have collected. You could record the ideas, dates, times or the location on the blank space left beside each block.



Opening Page ................ 3P
Monthly Schedule Pages  ................ 26P
Weekly Schedule Pages ............................ 108P
Free Memo Pages .......................... 38P (recipe notes...8P / card holder...12P / research project...6P / grids...6P)
Colour Notes (for documenting watercolour inks and other inks) ....................... 4P
Personal Information ......................... 1P

Total 176 pages; full-coloured printing



Size: A5 / 148 x 120 x 14mm

Material: (Cover) PVC; (Book Cover) High Quality Coaster Paper; (Paper) Daya Japanese 天堂鳥 Paper 75gsm (similar to Tomoe River Paper)

Designed by Hank from OURS 森林好朋友

Produced by Dimanche

Made in Taiwan