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OURS Letterpress Label Book II


We always adore beautiful papers with beautiful outlines.

Each sheet of this unique label book is printed with simple yet beautifully designed frames by Taiwanese illustrator, Hank. It is printed with letterpress and has an interesting texture you may enjoy.  These labels are separated by perforation lines so it is easy to tear off a piece of it. 

The frames and fonts are in dark and red brown colour, which is a colour that gentle to your eyes and matches with various ink-colours. Whether paste it on your page/outgoings or use as a message card, it is a great choice for an expressions of visual elegance.



Size & Content:

(Small Labels) 105mm x 105mm; 30 sheets

(Ampersand) 7mm x 90mm; 50 sheets

(Postal) 67mm x 96mm; 50 sheets

(Script) 60mm x 110mm; 50 sheets

Designed by OURS 森林好朋友

Made in Taiwan