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OURS Sticker Pack - Les Fleurs (Flowers)


There are many reasons why I love to draw flower, on of them is really simple, it's just that I really really love all these flowers and leaves.

Inspired by those flower materials I bought from the flower market, Bougainvillea at the roadside, the small white flowers growing on the island, each of them has its own beauty..

Behind each beautiful flower holds its own story and beauty of a journey. These stickers are beautifully printed with illustrations originally drawn by OURS. Each of them would create a beautiful and alluring vibe on your outgoings, craft projects or journal pages.



Content: sheets; 2 designs, each design available in 3 materials (paper, transparent,  washi sticker)

Size: 10x15cm

Designed by OURS 森林好朋友

Made in Taiwan