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UDNtime 報時光

Old School Calendar 2023

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This year, Old School Calendar will present you a treasure box of time --- a calendar that will take you to the island that you dreaming of, a calendar tribute to our great souls that brimming with freedom.

Do you also have a reused cookie tin that use over and over? It might store memories of a mother or a father, family stories, love letters, messages, multipurpose bookmarks, first payment slip, gifts from first love...

Old School Calendar 2023 is just like a treasure box, for all of the warm feelings it might evoke, each page brings memories that worth cherishing. Whether it is clothing, food, daily activities, education or entertainment, this calendar will take you to explore the beauty of the islands and all aspects which contribute to build the image of what we call a paradise island, also named as time island.

Old School Calendar 2023 (老派的生活日曆) designed by UDN time is one of the marvellous calendars we have came across. This calendar has a combination of contemporary and traditional. It blends elegantly with the retro, old-school designs and attractive graphics. 

For 2023, Old School Calendar is taking a step back in time, presenting 46 of different old-school themes for each solar term. These vibrant and colourful of vintage artworks capture the spirits, humours and characters back then in Taiwan cultures. Old and new school come together in a classic yet modern style, so cool!


4 Main Themes Featured 內頁4種主題版面

News | Precious vintage photos shine from 70-year-old newspaper, daily dose from history from these vintage images.

IllustrationsOld time ads that deal with everything that once was. Vintage-style tribute poster art, allow you to explore the past to understand the present. 

Music | Visuals help us get a sneak peek into music that we have long forgotten or weren't even aware of, including radio announcement, nursery rhyme, songs used in commercial etc.

Archive | A curated collection of antique that would impress you.

Music as a medium of memory can be used to express their memories. While exploring this calendar, you are able to listen to the sound and music from the past via the QR codes printed, evoking powerful emotions that then bring back memories.


Printed in light beige colour to present the look of old newspapers and vintage elements from eras and genres. Blending and overlapping two distinct styles of modern and traditional, the design team has created a new style of its own for this calendar.

With the pages adhered together with glue laminated technique at the top, every complete sheet could be easy tear-away. 

This calendar would be a great gift or just to place in your home, kitchen or office. Each day of the calendar features a unique and stunning design which give you the creative freedom to re-purpose as the days pass by. This would be one of best calendars that is worth sharing for the year of 2023.



- Beautifully designed storage craft box 
- Old School Calendar 2023 (with 368 sheets)
- 4 pieces of postcards

- Red Ang Pau Packets
- Paper board (as the stand for calendar)

- Product introduction card

Calendar Size: 148 x 210 mm

Designed by UDN time

Made in Taiwan