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Nove Lynn Metal Clip


This exquisite metal clip originally designed by  novebyvivient is a true representation of elegance and refinement. This Lynn 2.0 collection seamlessly blends various elements such as plants, inspirational wording, and intricate patterns.

Derived from the Chinese character "林," pronounced as 'lin,' meaning "forest," the collection is aptly name "Lynn." Explore the tranquility of nature and well-crafted designs as you embark on your journaling.

Each metal clip features white colour base and gold accents, creating a radiant and inviting charm.

Both decorative and functional, these clips by  novebyvivient are perfect for keeping your papers, snacks, stickers, or any items you have in mind neatly together. Elevate the charm of your workspace and kitchen with these clips that add a touch of loveliness.

Whether shared as a thoughtful gift or cherished as a delightful addition to your own collection, these beautiful metal clips from Nove are bound to enchant and inspire your creative journey.


Size: 4x4cm

Designed by novebyvivient