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nähe General Purpose Case - A5


Organise all on the go

Backside pocket, and two pockets within the case. Brass button for closure.

A general purpose case that allows you to see the contents through its transparent PVC window. 

A5 is the perfect to use at workplace or school when you go to another meeting room or classroom. It is great for organising diary, pens and other knick-knacks. The size is just right and not too big, which is the most suitable for putting together stationery.

The depth is flexible so you can store a thick notebook too. Two A6 notebooks fits perfectly side by side in this A5 case. It has also pockets inside and they work well to store pens as well. The back pocket is also useful to store what you often use, such as mask (a must have for this season) and invoices.

When you don't have much to store, you can fold the gusset to make it flat; when there are many things to store, expand the gusset to accommodate thicker items.


NÄHE by Hightide

Named after the German word for ‘close’, the entire range consists of tools to keep your essential items near. A colourful series of pouches, pen cases and holders for documents or electronic devices, providing you with various options of colours and purposes.


Size: W25.8cm x H20cm x D2.3cm 

Material: PVC

Made in Taiwan