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MU Journal Supplies Stockbook


MU Journal Supplies Stockbook would help you keep and organise each cut-off piece of print-on stickers nicely! 

Inspired by the concept of traditional magnetic photo albums, this storage book would be great for storing cut-off stickers, vintage stamps & tickets, scrapbooking papers and many more, which do not have to be in uniform shape or size to fit to the pages. It would be a great for keeping your previous collections and moments.

This album could hold up to 10 pages (5 sheets of self-adhered pages). It using loose leaf binder to hold the pages, which allow you to add more pages as you need. You could also reposition your pages for any kind of layout.

How To Use
Each page has a transparent film on top which you could pulled it back in order to place your stickers on the white page. Then, you could smoothed it back down over your stickers.


*The Storage Book cover is made from recycled plastic. The cover may have small black dots during production.
*Please remain the back paper of print-on stickers when you store it.
*White page is slight sticky which may peel off the ink from collections. It's better to put a paper between collections and white paper when you storage it.


Content: 5 sheets (10 pages)


(Cover Size) W22.5 x H13.5 cm
(Thickness) 2.2cm (could store up to 15 sheets)
(Page Size) W21 x H11.5 cm
(Cover Material) PVC
(Page Material) Paper and PP

Made in Taiwan