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MT Appeal Washi Tape - How to Wash Your Hands


In conjunction with the high level of awareness towards COVID-19 pandemic, this collection of MT Appeal washi tapes features a fashionable, colourful signs and alerts where you could use it at for various venues and occasions.

These tapes are fun yet functional as influential signs especially at home, store, office and event venue. The are also great for decorating your pages or wrappings, bringing beautiful vignette to your journals, notes, letters or gifts. Feel free to use them in your daily life to suit your needs! 

There are perforated lines along the tapes so that you can tear out each design easily.


1. 流水で手をぬらす Wet your hands with running water

2. 石けんを手にとる Apply soap

3. 手のひらをこする Rub your hands together

4. 手の甲をこする Rub the back of your hands

5. 指の間をこする Rub between fingers

6. 親指の付け根をこする Rub the base of your thumbs

7. 指先と爪の間をこする Clean under the nails and fingertips

8. 手首をこする Rub each wrist 

9. 流水ですすぐ Rinse thoroughly with running water

10. 水気を拭を取る Dry your hands

About MT 

MT is the pioneer of Japanese washi paper masking tape, produced by the 100 years old company, Kamoi Kakoshi, a specialized Japanese manufacturer of masking tapes used in a variety of applications including industrial and decorative.

Other than the cute and stylish designs, the specialty of mt is the uniqueness of Japanese washi paper – strong yet thin. The adhesive is not only fantastic; the tape can also be removed easily without leaving residue and can be easily tear by hand. MT is semi-transparent so it can be especially pretty when it’s layered, it’s also easy to write on so it’s handy for making notes or messages.


Size: 50mmx7m

Designed by MT

Made in Japan