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Moon Phases Gift Card Set


Gift Cards or Labels | Fruit from the Moon 月之实

In Greek mythology, Adonis is the god of permanent renewal, fertility, and beauty. Along with Adonis, his myth includes his love story Astarte, the goddess of love and beauty who also known as Venus.

Each set consists of 30 pieces of gift cards that feature different moon phases and key words. 

With these beautifully printed all-purpose cards, they are tremendously versatile for using as gift tags, decorations for gifts and packaging, or to add a little touch on your pages and personalise your favourite things. These tags can be used for marking dates on your journal entries too since they are printed with moon phases of a month. 

There is no need to limit yourself -- enjoy the beauty of moon!



Content: 31 pieces (30 pieces small card + 1 piece large card)

Size: Small (38x32mm); Large (118x85mm)

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