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Mizushima Bow Knot Rubber Stamp


In Japan, the tradition of knotting is well known especially in wedding customs, gift-giving and wrappings, festive occasions, temple ritual contexts, etc. Usually, on top of the gift package, the giver decorated it with a printed bow. 

This simple bow knot rubber stamp designed by mizushima (水縞) features a standard bow knot (HANA-MUSUBU). It is a design of knots which could be unwind and tie again and again. It is used for celebrations that occur again and again, such as birthdays, new born baby, anniversary and job promotions. 

This simple and elegant bow knot rubber stamp would surely bring beautiful touches to your gift wrappings, outgoing mails, ideas and art projects or even on your journal. You could also try with different ink pads' colours to create different textures (feels).


Size: 60 x 13 x 33mm

Designed by mizushima 水縞

Made in Japan