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misshoegg Rubber Stamp - Small Animal with Big Nose


Small animals with big noses enjoy playing in the small garden, but where is the small garden? In your letter or journal pages? Let's these lovely animals bring you some awesome memories~

If you're wondering why the cat is without big nose? I'll share a secret with you. It's because this naughty cat wish to make the small garden hers and not sharing with others! 

These wooden rubber stamps feature lovely illustrations of animals by misshoeegg. They are great for bringing beautiful vignette to your pages, outgoings and any other occasions. You could pair them with washi tapes, rubber stamps, glitter, paper embellishments or even colour them with colour pencils for enhanced appeal. 



Size: 3.2 x 2.2 x 2.4 cm

Designed by misshoegg

Made in Taiwan