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Midori 5 Years Diary Book - Embroidery Flower / Navy


With this 5 years perpetual diary, you can record each day's events and remember those of previous moments of the years at the same time, in the same book. It is great for capturing the key moments of yours of each day.

It features a separate page for each day of the year, and each page is divided into five sections for you to fill in on the same date over five successive years. You can jot down about events, appointment, quote of the days or even the weather of the day. If you don't feel like writing anything about for some days, that's fine too! Use it freely according to your needs. You may decorate it with your washi tapes, stickers, rubber stamps, which could lead to unlimited creativity.

Once this diary book is filled for a full year, it will become one of your most treasured belongings, and you could always go back to the first page and read through your life events throughout the year. It is also interesting when you read your records of each day, together with what you filled in for the past years, and reflect on just how far you have come. There is also a ribbon page marker also to help you to keep track of the day you're on. 

The cover of this 5 years diary book is made of embroidery for a pleasant feel.  It gives a three-dimensional appearance, with particular attention given to the thickness of the thread and the shape of the silhouette.

The index section for each month has different stitch patterns to indicate the change in month. 

The quality of each MD product is guaranteed, as well as this diary book. It features MD papers which are known for their promising smooth & comfortable writing surface with no ink feathering and no ink bleed-through. 



Materials: MD Paper

Content: 6mm lined; 366 pages for 5 years

Size: H185×W117×D28mm

Designed by Midori

Made in Japan