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MD Quick Tape Cutter


Quick Tape Cutter by Midori is a cleverly designed tape dispenser for cutting the desire tape length every time you use. You are able to cut the end tape easily and lesser troublesome in finding the cut-end of the tape. This fully-covered tape dispenser carry your tape in clean state and bring along easily to anywhere.

Each time you pull the slider on top of the dispenser, it sent out roughly 2cm tape length. It also can be pull continuously until the desirable length. You could cut the tape lightly with the cutting blade by pulling it upward.

You could directly stick the tape directly on top of the part you like to place and cut the tape by simply twisting the dispenser.

It can be put in any place with the build-in magnet, such as refrigerator, metal doors, and shelves.

It is suitable for masking tape with a tape width of 12-15mm, an inner diameter less than 25mm and an outer diameter more than 54mm could not be use. 

Size: H102×W58×D25mm

Designed by Midori

Made in China