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MD Paintable Stamp - Take-out


A pre-inked stamp that allows you to press and get an adorable yet versatile pattern instantly. You can write messages in it and colour or paint over the the design. Great for decorating on sticky notes, journals or diary pages, and outgoings cards.

The pre-inked ink pad allows you to press the stamp for approximately 1,000 times. It can be replenished with the refill.

As the ink is oil-based ink, the ink dries fast and it is waterproof. You can draw or colour around the design when the ink is dried.

These MD paintable stamps are designed thoughtfully. They are stackable on each other for easy storage purpose.

You can make your own sticky notes with these Midori Paintable Stamps.The brand has also released squared-size sticky notes with different types of papers (such as high-quality paper, kraft paper). You could stamp on these sticky notes and paste it on your planner.


Size: 6 x 6 x 2cm
Made in Japan