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MD Notebook Journal (Frame) A5


Enjoy a more pleasurable writing experience like never before with MD latest redesign, celebrating their 15th anniversary. The cover for this new redesign notebook has replaced with MD Paper, offering a superior writing experience from cover to inner pages.  Unlike the previous version, which could make the book difficult to open, this new design ensures effortless opening and a more comfortable writing feel.

In the course of daily lives people note their perceptions in words, diagrams or pictures. A notebook is the medium that people use to record their perceptions. When you write something down, you want to record and maintain the feeling of the moment. That is why MD notebooks are simplicity itself.

MD Notebooks are created using traditional thread-stitched book-binding methods, with papers folded into a bundle and stitched down the spine. This ensure the notebook opens evenly and is highly durable. By adopting this method, MD notebooks are able to open fully 180 degrees.

This MD Notebook Journal (Frame) features blank pages with several frames.
Use the small frames at the top for headings such as a title and the date and you’ve got a diary. In the big blank space on each page, anything goes.

There are no rules – it’s all up to you.

These notebooks now have 192 pages to fill with the story of your life – that’s a page a day for about half a year!


MD Paper


192 pages



Designed by Midori

Made in Japan