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MD Notebook Goat Leather Bag (Vertical)


A bag designed especially for “MD Notebook,” that enables you to take just the bare necessities.

Bags come in various shapes and sizes, whether they be totes, or backpacks, making it easier to carry around the things we need. However, there haven’t been many bags designed specifically for storing and carrying writing implements.

“MD Notebook Bag” is a new addition to Midori product line-up. With the “MD Notebook Bag” you can carry around only the bare necessities you need for writing, and recording your memories and inspirations – “MD Notebook,” a pen and your smartphone.

“MD Notebook Bag” was inspired by the concept of “MD Notebook,” seeking to eliminate all unnecessary adornment, in search of the ultimate in simplicity. Although highly supple, flexible and light, it is strong enough to protect your belongings. 

Tanned leather gives you the added enjoyment of watching the cover of this leather bag will change in character over time. Enveloping your MD Notebook, this bag cover will change to an amber color, gaining depth and character together with the stories you fill it with. This leather bag is one that you can nurture over the course of many years.

Midori notebook leather bag is available in 2 models: horizontal & vertical.

The vertical rectangular model provides an all-in-one solution for the things you need to carry, while the horizontal rectangular model is designed for keeping everything to a monimum, with space for one pen.

The constant advances in mobile terminal technology, today if you have a smartphones, notebook and pen, you're equipped to do almost anything. It is to response the latest trends, the vertical MD Notebook Bag features study pockets for smartphones (or tablet) and two pens.

Both models can accomodate the A5 size MD Notebook (or smaller) and MD Notebook Light or/and tablet device.



Leather cover/H230×W190×D5mm

Materials: Goat Leather
Designed by Midori
Made in Japan