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MD Notebook Diary 2024

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Featuring monthly schedule pages in block layout, pages of horizontal-ruled notes area that split into few sections for weekly schedule, and free unlined notes pages, this MD Notebook Diary allows you to record enough memories to fill a dictionary. It is a simple-to-use diary to jot down your moments, your thoughts and some inspirations.

MD notebooks are created using traditional thread-stitched book-binding methods, with papers folded into a bundle and stitched down the spine. This ensure the notebook opens evenly and is highly durable. By adopting this method, MD notebooks are able to open fully 180 degrees.

To learn more about Midori Notebook Diary Book, click here for a blog entry introducing MD Notebook Diary.



The spacious blank areas provide freedom to use for illustrations, notes, and more. There's joy in filling these spaces with daily emotions, ideas, things that resonate with you, and more.


Designed for both note-taking and versatile use in 8 divided sections. It can also be used as a one-year diary with a two-page weekly spread.

Includes stickers that can be used as labels or bookplates When you use the included stickers, they serve as a distinctive marker to differentiate it from a regular 'MD notebook.' Additionally, they can be useful as reinforcement for the bookmark string.


Schedule Periods: 

December 2022 - January 2024 (14 months)


Year Calendar 2 pages; Monthly Schedule 28 pages; Free Memo Pages with Lines 113 pages (enough for 53 weeks if using 2 pages for a week); Blank Pages 32 pages; Index Seals


MD Paper


A6 - H148 × W105 × D10 mm

B6 Slim - H175 × W105 × D10 mm

A5 - H210 × W148 × D10 mm