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MD Letter Pad (Blank)


In the course of daily lives people note their perceptions in words, diagrams or pictures. A notebook is the medium that people use to record their perceptions. When you write something down, you want to record and maintain the feeling of the moment. That is why MD notebooks are simplicity itself.

MD notebooks feature MD papers which known for its promising smooth & comfortable writing surface with no ink bleed-through. 

Write down the stream of ideas that pop up in your head in any position you like. The blank notebook is the ideal format for writing down ideas freely as they come to you, or even using a double page as a canvas for your thoughts. The ability to write on it vertically or horizontally is another great feature of this pad. You could simply tear off a page to keep writing on a new page. 

One of the edges of this Midori Paper Pad has been cut (sliced off), so whichever direction the notepad is, you will not get a cut from the paper.

The thick paperboard insert and original double-sided binding provide for stable writing comfort. This also allow you to write comfortably on the pad as you standing and holding it with one hand.


Size: H210×W150×D10mm

Contents: 50 sheets

Materials: MD Paper