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MD Dip Pen


Experiencing the world of “MD Notebook” from your fingertips as you write.

“MD Dip Pen” is a comfortable and beginner-friendly dip pen that designed in smooth grip, hardly slip out from your fingers. You could run the pen at different angles and the ink flows consistent on paper.

Its shaft is mainly made of paper powder, giving this dip pen a solid texture and comfortable grip, just like gripping a pen in paper form. The simple design keeping decorative elements to an absolute minimum, we ensure that the eye concentrates on the tip of the fountain pen. Although modest, it maintains its individuality.  

The dip pen tips designed with high degree of freedom in writing's angle. You could pick up the pen anytime and start writing without hesitation.

The pen tip's size is suitable for moderate letter writing, not too delicate and not too strong. You could carry this fountain pen to everywhere, and alternate the colours with MD Bottled Ink at any time, this will surely help to provide many opportunities for inspiration in sketches, diaries and letters.

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Material: pen tips (steel); body (synthetic resin with paper powder)

Size: 134mm

Designed by Midori

Made in Japan