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MD Day Length Gradation Diary 2023 - Grey

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A notebook that enriches your daily life, a notebook that allows you to feel the length of the day and changes of season. The length of the day and changes of season are visualised with light colour gradations. 

For example, the days are shorter and the nights are longer in winter. This phenomenon is expressed in this diary book with light-blue (which represents night) is longer than light-pink (which represents day) in Winter.

This Day Length Gradation Diary is a monthly and weekly planner.

A 2-pages spread for each week, vertical layout marked from 0-24 hours for each day. You could feel the length of the days as sunrise and sunset are visualised by the shift of the colours. You could allotted your time for mid-night and early morning, write for your private schedules other than works. 

Moon phases are available at the top of each column. The month calendar pages allow you to keep track of your schedules at a glance and also the phases of the moon.

Other pages besides the monthly and weekly planners are

- lists where you could write about your to-do and habits you wish to build for day, noon and night
- a page where you could write feelings or events for each season of the year
- a page for your long term plannings or to-do for each season
- pages for 3 months habit trackers
- some information about 24 solar systems      


The design of this diary book is unique and subtle as the colour gradation is pleasant and unobtrusive. Regardless of the printed format, you could choose to use it or not, decorate it with your washi tapes, stickers, rubber stamps, which could lead to unlimited creativity. 

Click here to view some of the inner pages.

Cover available in navy too.



Schedule Periods: 

December 2022 - January 2024


176 pages

Yearly schedule; Monthly schedule (Dec 2022-Jan 2024); 24-hours weekly vertical schedule (Dec 2022-Dec 2023); Free memo with horizontal lines (16 pages); To-do-list for morning/noon/night; Notes for four seasons; Annual schedule for seasons; Habit trackers; Twenty-four solar term and misc.


Cover - PVC (printed with gold foil stamping) with pen holder

Insert - MD Paper

Size: H188 × W132 × D11mm