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MD Colour Pens for Paintable Stamp - Postiveness


These Colour Pens Set uses water-resistant pigment ink that doesn't bleeds and strike through papers. The combination of colour is choose based on the theme of mood: relax, positiveness and happiness.

You could use these colour pens with the MD Paintable Rotary Stamp or MD Paintable Stamp to track your time, mood, and plan your schedule. 

It features convenient double-sided tips—a 0.5m tip for easy to write on stamp and a brush tip for easy to apply strokes for painting. 

Each set comes with 6 colours in a pack for easy to grab and go. This portable storage case able to stand upright and hold each pen well and steady.


Tip Size: 0.5mm

Length:  6cm (capped)

Size: box size (162x63x12mm)

Brand: Midori