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MD 3-Tones Message Letter Pad - Brown


Letters are something you send to other people, and your words aren’t the only message – everything from the colour of the paper you use to the pressure of your pen tells people something about who you are.

You can now choose the colour of your memo or letter that match your mood or scene you wish to convey. Each Midori "Giving A Color" Letter Pad features three different shades of colour. 

It can be used as a letter to be written in a casual setting, also can be used in business situations where you want to write properly.

The first sheet is an ink absorbing paper that able to hold and absorbs the ink written on the letter pad. The papers are made by mostly with cotton as the raw material, subtle for various kinds of pens and inks for the comfortable writing.

You can send it to your loves one by placing into the envelopes that comes with the same colour tones too.


Content: 30 Sheets; 10 sheets per colour

Size: 84×177×5mm (A5 size)

Made in Japan