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maco Washi Tape Holder + Washi Tape Set (limited edition)


The pen-sized washi tape holders are available with own "tapes" for the first time in limited quantities. Each tape holder comes with small rolls of washi tapes together with the main body case. In other words, you could use your maco washi tape holder immediately after purchase. 

The design of these limited edition tape holders focused on the illustrations of "seagull", "owl" and "flamingo", with the combination of natural colours and patterns which bring calm atmosphere.

About maco washi tape holder

Carrying several rolls of washi tapes might make your bag or case bulky. You could now carry your favourite washi tapes along without bringing the whole rolls of them with this maco washi tape holder!

This easy-to-carry washi tape holder is in a size of standard pen-sized, which is very convenient to carry around. You could also share some of your favourite tapes with your pen-pals and friends by just sharing them with the refills. You could get additional refills here, which could save your time to change the washi tapes or if you wish to bring more patterns along.


Content: 1 washi tape holder + 1 refill (core) + 4 limited edition washi tapes

Size: approx. h125 × w18.8mm (excluding string)

Designed by Kanmido