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Liang Feng

Liang Feng Watercolour Washi Tapes Collection Vol. 2.1


Featuring various watercolour mixing colour order systems which are commonly used by Taiwan artist, Liang Feng in her drawings and illustrations, Liang Feng has designed her three new colour tones washi tapes.

Compared to previous series, these three washi tapes are wider, which allow washi tapes lovers to adorn your pages easier. These beautifully printed washi tapes would be great for creating collages or decorating your pages and outgoings. 

For a video of showing these tapes, click here.

Liang Feng

Liang Feng is a Taiwanese illustrator who has strong passionate about watercolour. She has introduced a series of stationery from her original water-coloured artworks, such as washi tapes and notebooks. Her works always have a heartwarming appeal, which bring joy to the users.


Size: 35mm × 10m

Designed by Liang Feng 涼丰

Made in Japan