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La Dolce Vita

LDV Notepad: Garden Collection



The sweetest life -- This is the blooming flower season that I would like to gift to you. We shall continue loving each other, missing each other. Life still goes on.


This year is the 10th Anniversary for talented illustrator, La Dolce Vita, presenting unique and beautiful girl illustration that holds a unique story behind.

This memo pad features beautiful illustrations by La Dolce Vita. You could include a sheet of the notepad on your journal pages or outgoings as decorative accent or use as either memo or message card. Great for adding a little extra joy and cuteness.


Content: 50 sheets (5 patterns, each 10 sheets)

Size: 12.3x7.5 cm

Paper: Dowling Paper 100g

Designed by La Dolce Vita

Made in Taiwan