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La Dolce Vita

LDV [Life is Beautiful] Shoulder Canvas Bag


現在我們有大把的時間, 來整理昔日的記憶與笑容, 為未來騰出空間。 不再跋涉的時候, 就付出力氣打掃靈魂的居所, 確保那裏澄澈,溫暖而明亮。 那我們一起飛行的, 風和日麗的日子, 總有一天會再回來的。

Now we have a lot of time. To sort out the memories and smiles of the past. Make room for the future.
When no longer trekking, Just put in effort to clean the abode of soul. Make sure it is clear, warm and bright.
Those we fly together, Sunny days, Will be back somedays.


With bright, attractive colour tones and rich details, we believe that you will bath in happiness when using this beautiful canvas bag. 

The length of the bag stripe is designed with the carry conveniences of an everyday bag. It has the ideal size to store and organise your favourite stationery or any other items you wish to bring along with you. For storing your digital devices, notebook, writing instruments, wallet and other accessories - practical and stylish in equal measure.


Size: Length 82cm x Width 2.5cm; 

(Bag Body) Length 40cm x Width 37cm

Material: (13 Ann cotton) Cotton & Hemp

Designed by La Dolce Vita

Made in Taiwan


*Canvas material is not recommended for washing.
If necessary, turn over with cold water and wash by hand (do not soak).