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Lin Chia Ning 吉

LCN Rubber Stamp - Special Edition for 2019

RM65.00 RM72.00

"Commemorative edition for 2019.
2019 turned out to be one of the most important years in my life.
I made a very important decision and it might completely change my life ever since. Worth memorizing.

This pattern came from an idiom I really like:
You have to work hard to look effortless.

There’s always something ahead you try to stop you from doing what you really want to do.Ignore them, be focus, and find the way."



A limited edition rubber stamp released by Taiwanese artist, Lin Chia Ning, for the year for 2019. This delicately illustrated rubber stamp would definitely perfect for adding a touch of elegance that inspire intricate detailing to your pages, outgoings, scrapbooks, and any other project.



Size: 55 x 70 x 20 mm

Designed by Lin Chia Ning 

Made in Taiwan