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Lin Chia Ning 吉

LCN Mini Wax Seal - Star 08


A special collection of mini wax seals engraved with beautiful designs by Taiwan designer, Lin Chia Ning, making them beautifully detailed wax seals. Each wax seal stamp comes with 2 designs on double sides.

Choose from a range of wax seal stamps from botanical, trees, to some unique specimens by Lin, enjoy using them to add a touch of charm to your written correspondence, outgoing mails or gift packaging. This is also a thoughtful gift for stationery lover, letter-writers, or someone you would love to share with.

This wax seal set comes in a simple yet beautiful drawstring pouch, with the perspective pattern of the wax seal on the pouch, and a pack of wax seal beads. 



Content: 1 wax seal + 1 pack wax seal beads

Wax Size: 1.2cm

Designed by Lin Chia Ning

Made in Taiwan