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Lin Chia Ning 吉

LCN Daily Ticket Rubber Stamp Set


These beautiful wooden rubber stamps feature with different patterns of vintage tickets and unique numbers which are originally designed by Taiwanese artists, Lin Chia Ning and MORE.

By rearranging the number stamps with various ticket patterns, you are able to create different combinations of daily or monthly calendar for each year, which mean you could use it infinitely.

You could use this rubber stamp on your journal to keep track of your dates. It is a way of visualising and keeping tabs on your date everyday. Use it on blank pages of your notebook so that it will become a journal entry for the day! You could also use them for adorning journal/art projects, adding personal touches on outgoing, for creating collages – the possibilities are endless! 

Each set comes with one booklet of vintage-patterned sticker sheets; 30pcs per booklet; 12 designs in total.

Collage rubber stamps designed by Lin Chia Ning and More. are something unique in term of her idea and designs. These collage rubber stamps could be considered as DIY rubber stamps, as you would need to paste the rubber to the wooden holder yourself. You could also try to cut/remove the extravagant part (the white background area) and leave with the pattern only before pasting it onto the wooden holder. The designer believe every user will have their own unique rubber stamps as each of them could have different look.


Content: 1 ticket pattern + 1 numbers set/per set


[Set A] 2.1x2.4cm (individual number); 3x8cm (ticket)

[Set B] 2.1x1.6cm / 0.9x2.9cm / 0.9x1.3cm (individual number); 3.2x6.5cm (ticket)

[Set C] 1.4x2.7cm (individual number); 6.1x4.3cm (ticket)

[Set D] 3.5x1.4cm / 3.52.8cm (individual number); 3x5.5cm (ticket)

Designed by Lin Chia Ning & More

Made in Taiwan