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Kurukynki Rubber Stamp Set - Blind XX A+B


These 11 collaged rubber stamps feature unique elements designed by Kurukynki. They are perfect for adorning your journal pages, outgoings scrapbooks, or any mixed media projects. You could apply different ink pad colours on the stamps, decorate them imaginatively with other stickers, washi tapes, rubber stamps or your hand-written message/quotes.

Each piece of Kurukynki's rubber stamps is assembled by hand by the designer with care and attention to details. We hope her beautiful creation will add some sparks in your everyday life.

2 sets of designs in this collection. 11 pieces per set and the designs are fixed.


Kurukynki by Kyn
Starting as an illustrator & maker of miniatures food, Kyn has started to introduce her unique illustrations featured on rubber stamps.
She always wanted to do something that makes people happy and stay positive. She finds real fulfillment in seeing people smile because of her creations. When it helps others feel good even just a little, it completes her day. Let's spread some smiles together!


Content: 11 rubber stamps/per set

Size: size ranging from 2x3cm, 1.5x2cm,1.5x1.5cm, 1x2cm,1x1x3.5, 1x1x3cm, 2.5x1.5cm

Designed by Kurukynki

Made in Malaysia