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Kokuyo x Bushimen

Kokuyo x Bushimen PAL Planner 2024

RM98.00 RM142.00

PAL Planner is a compact planner book designed by content creator, Bushimen (不是闷) in collaboration with Kokuyo. Each detail featured in this planner is thoughtfully designed.

PAL Planner by Kokuyo x bushimen (不是闷) is a compact and complete planner, providing both monthly and weekly schedules as well as space for notes. 

Leaving aside the traditional settings in the previous planner, each month in PAL Planner started on double-pages monthly schedules, and followed by the weekly overviews. 



This planner features MIO paper, the highest grade 60gsm lightweight thin paper developed by Kokuyo. These acid-free papers have a smooth texture that is user-friendly for fountain pen and regular gel pen users. 

Ink dries quickly on MIO paper and is difficult to smudge, at the same time it would not allow ink to bleed through easily. Book-binding methods is used which ensure the books open flat and fully 180 degrees. 


    Monthly Schedule Pages

    - Each month starts with a 2-pages monthly overview, allow you have a quick look at your important dates such as birthdays, anniversaries and appointments at the first glance. 

    - Free spaces available for free notes, sketches and illustrations or you can adorn these empty sections with your stickers and rubber stamps freely. 

    - A vertical monthly tracker is available on the other page. It is designed as a habit tracker, allow you to track your sleeping habits, transactions, exercise, mood, and everything else that suit your needs.


    Weekly Schedule Pages

    - Laid out on a double pages, each day is divided into 7 blocks. Each block is divided into half where you can record your daily activities or schedules to your preference. This layout provides a high degree of freedom for the user.

    - On the upper left corner, there is a compact overview of the month, followed by plenty of space for free notes. 

    You can fill with them with summary of the week or a to-do list.

    The lunar calendar date corresponds to each day is also shown at the left corner of the page. 



    Let's have a look on how the designer document her day with PAL Planner and how to get the most out of this planner:

    1. Plan and Log | Plan your appointments and to-do list on the left column, track whether your final schedule goes according to your plans on the right column.

    2. Work, study, and daily activities | Separate your study/working and life schedules clearly, perfectly for achieving your work-life balance.

    3. A+B | Following the division by the middle line, record your daily to-do or the aspect you wish to track. You could also use these spaces as freely as you like to suit your needs.

    4. Timelines | Customise your daily plan based on the division line axis, mark it as 24 hours axis, 12 hours on the left column, and another 12 hours on right.

    5. 1/4 Method | Divide one day into 4 small blocks, customise daily plans with working and family schedules, to-do lists, life logs, notes, drawing, and many more.

    6. Personal-Family Records | Besides your own daily plan, you can record your partner, children, family members daily or reminders. 


    Other pages - Three-Year CalendarYearly Schedule Weekly Plan / To-do Pages / Free Memo with grids

    With its simple and effective design, PAL Planner is adaptable to your needs and lifestyle, allowing you to organise your life efficiently. 

    Each planner comes with a PVC softcover, and able to be opened fully 180 degrees. It comes with a pen holder. 



    Schedule Periods: December 2023 - December 2024

    Material: (Cover) PVC; (Inserts) Kokuyo MIO Paper

    Size: B6 (H182xW128mm)

    Designed by Kokuyo x Bushimen (不是闷) 

    Made in Japan