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KOKUYO ME: Karucut Washi Tape Cutter


Karucut tape cutter has unique blade design for easy cut and much straight-cut line than ever before. You are able to get tapes without waived edge on the tape easily with this cutter.

You could cut your washi tapes well with little force Karucut's specially processed blade has raised and recessed parts of the blade that are fully sharpened. By cutting rather than ripping tapes, 50 percent less force is needed to cut the tape.

Tape glue hardly accumulates on the blade as well, it's compact size allows you to carry it around easily and the tape can be changed easily, just by twisting the body. 

Supports small-size tape rolls of 10-15mm width. 

How to use KOKUYO Karucut Clip? (KOKUYO official YouTube)



Stationery: It's always at your fingertips.

But stationery items aren't just utility tools, they're the ways to express yourself.

KOKUYO ME stationery items are certainly fucntional, at the same time they're also tons of fun to choose, use and carry around with you, just like accessories.



Size: 4x2cm; (Blade Size) Approx. 2cm

Designed by KOKUYO

Made in Japan