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Kokuyo GLOO Glue Tape - Refill Tape


Concept of GLOO Series

In everyday life, "pasting" tends to be just a task, but "pasting" should be the act of sticking something together and creating something new. GLOO wanted to re-examine "paste" and make "paste" richer by changing the obvious. 

Functional and beautiful.
Therefore, I want to use it, make it and leave it.
This is GLOO.


GLOO Glue Tape is a cleverly designed glue in a tape form that features firm adhesive strength and great glue cutting size. It comes with different levels of adhesive strength for various of purposes. 

It can be positioned securely at 2 different angles to accommodate different grip styles. The tape could be hold in 2 states by just fixing the head in 2 different angle, "hold it using the index finger" or " hold it as a whole".

Since the lid closed with the head turning to the body when not is use, it is difficult for dust to enter even if you carry it in a pen case. It is compact and light which allows you to carry the it while maintaining the glue in a clean state.

Size: (M) 8.4mmx14m; (S) 7.0mmx8m

Designed by KOKUYO

Made in Japan