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紀展雄 Ji Zhanxiong

紀展雄 Ji Zhanxiong:《静悄悄的时光》my quiet time


Introducing "My Quiet TIme" a beautiful collection of handwritten elements and  illustrations by Ji Zhanxiong (紀展雄). In this book, Ji outline the subtle traces of the years that have passed unnoticed. This book captures the beauty of everyday moments and emotions through his heartfelt words and simple yet evocative illustrations. 

As a keen observer of life, Ji has a deep appreciation for the little things that often go unnoticed. Those moments of staring at raindrops outside the window during a refreshing afternoon, the countless sleepless mornings, and the contemplation of life's unsolved mysteries are gently awakened within the pages of this book.

Whether you're a poetry lover or simply looking for a source of inspiration and solace, "My Quiet TIme" is a must-read. Each page is a reminder that even the smallest moments can be imbued with meaning and beauty, and that by taking the time to pause and reflect, we can find joy and contentment in the world around us.

With its beautiful illustrations and heartfelt prose, this book is a perfect addition to your collection, and makes a thoughtful and meaningful gift for anyone who loves to read, write, or simply appreciate the beauty of life.

In this book:

  • 66 essays, documenting the light and whimsical words that have been sifted from life's sediment over the years.
  • 14 handwriting samples, revealing the personality and thoughts at the very moment the pen touches the paper.
  • 20 illustrations, casual depictions by an amateur artist without any restrictive frames.
  • 20 audio clips, heartwarming recordings of the soothing voice of Ji Zhanxiong, accessible by scanning QR codes throughout the book.


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About 纪展雄 (Ji Zhanxiong)

Ji Zhanxiong is a former Malaysian radio DJ who has turned attention to creative pursuits, promotes emerging designers through involvement in creative markets. Has published works such as “my quiet time” and “my little poems”. Through his minimalistic artwork and words that flow gently yet pack powerful punch, he captures and preserves moments of the past, even if they are uncertain or fleeting. Our journey through life is a process of forgetting or collecting memories, fortunately, these cannot stop us from persevering our sincerity, bravery, and kindness.



Author: 紀展雄 Ji Zhanxiong 

Size: 224 pages / 190x149mm / Full Colour Printing

Published by Odonata Publishing 红蜻蜓出版社

Printed in Malaysia