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WinNie no Kobo

Jeju Island Sticker Flakes


Jeju Island has been one of the most relaxed and tranquil Island WinNie  has ever been. The canola flower-sea, beautiful Camellia Hills and tangerine picking has been her favourite! She illustrated her memories and turned them into these lovely stickers to share these beautiful creatures with you. 

Inspired during her trip in Jeju Islands, these stickers would definitely allow you to create an alluring vibe on your pages and outgoings. 

Each piece of sticker is cut by hand by the designer with care and attention to details. We hope her stories and beautiful creations would add some sparks in your everyday life.


WinNie no Kobo ウィン二の工房

WinNie lives a tranquil life, with a mischievous pug BuBu. She hearts serenity and wonderful creatures, especially pastel green and cute illustration. She had a head full of hocus pocus, and can't wait to tell  us through her lovely creations.



Content: 13pcs (Silk sticker paper)

Size: Approx. 2~4.5cm

Designed by WinNie no Kobo ウィン二の工房

Made in Malaysia