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wenyea's illustration

It's Matcha Print-on Sticker


This matcha theme print-on stickers features beautifully drawn illustrations of various matcha dishes that look as appealing as the real deal matcha ice cream, matcha latte and matcha mochi. The stickers also feature tools used for making matcha.

You could choose to cut out youdesired part of the sticker sheet, or apply the whole sheet. Remove the backing sheet, and by pressing on the desired pattern of the sticker sheet, the decal will remain and then the image is created. You could use designed popsicle stick to apply pressure the designs on the surface you want them to appear on.

To avoid using plastic, the packaging and envelopes for "It's Matcha Series" are environmental friendly to reduce waste to the beautiful planet.

Do check out WenYea's beautiful expressions on her love for matcha through her notepad project too! 


About WenYea

Wen Yea (@wenyeafrom Malaysia has started her journaling journey since 2012. As Wen Yea enjoy expressing her days in analogue style, her pages are always delicately filled with her handwritings and watercolour illustrations. 


Sticker Sheet Size: approx. H200×W90mm

Designed by Wen Yea

Made in Malaysia