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Hightide Things to Do : Monthly Planner 2023

RM20.00 RM45.00

A monthly planner with a clean, minimal design. Its minimal typography makes it a perfect diary to keep an overview of your upcoming tasks. The covers come with colourful colour and fun to use. The contrast between spine and cover show a exquisite outcome for business and outgoing.

A compact size planner where allow you to put it in front of your PC or laptop so that you can still use it conveniently even in a limited space. It has a slim size that allows you carry it around easily.


Monthly Schedule 

Each month features a lot of free spaces. You could use these spaces to record any notes or to-do lists, sketches, illustrations or adorn with your stickers and rubber stamps freely. These diary are able to open fully 180 degrees.

Recommendation Points

    - Those who want to separate their notebooks for business and private use.

    - Since it is very compact and thin, you can carry it around easily.

    - Even if you don't use your notebook very often, you can use it as a memo, so we recommend it.


    Schedule Periods: 

    Monthly Planner: Oct 2022 - Jan 2024


    Yearly Schedule; Monthly Schedule; 31 Pages of 7mm Ruled Notebook

    Size: H125 × W182 × D5 mm

    Made in Japan