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Penco Clampy Clip - Gold


A simple, classic desk essential that you will love to use - a steel clip with its original logo embossed at the center. Its simple yet classy design are so atmospheric that this simple tool would look great on your desk.

Clampy clip has a strong grip that can hold large amount of letters, notes and documents together firmly. Ideal for holding your opened snacks and coffee beans packages. It would add a robust vintage charm to your workspace and kitchen.



Penco by Hightide

A stationery brand that born with a single ballpoint pen made in USA. The brand is named as "penco" which means "pen company". The brand has a wide range of casual and highly-functional office supplies that taking cues from mid-century American retro designs into everyday uses. Every item of which represents its philosophy in all the details and even in packages that are built to last. Penco shares the physical experience that could give nostalgia for the old school days, such as touch and smell of paper, as if we found ‘a treasure’ in a downtown bookstore.


Material: Steel

Size: (S) H5.0cm × W7.7cm × D2.9cm; (M) H5.4cm x W10.2cm x D3.5cm

Made in Taiwan