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Hightide My Diary: Square Vertical Weekly Diary 2024


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My Diary is a series of Hightide diary that features the zodiac sign of the year on the book cover every year. A bright green dragon is printed on the front cover for 2024 -- the year of Dragon.

My Notebook Diary is a compact and handy diary book, providing both monthly and weekly schedules as well as spaces for notes. Each week is laid out on a double page, with each date separated into three columns for morning, afternoon and night instead of times. 

Its simplicity makes it a perfect diary for having an overview of each week, make it a diary that you will want to carry around everyday. 


Weekly Schedule

Laid out on a double-pages, each day is accompanied with three blocks -- morning, afternoon, evening. By omitting the timelines, it has a more free setup that allows you to record your daily schedules as you prefer, such as meal, work and family etc.

The layout provides a high degree of freedom that allow you to fill the columns with some words or just a little drawing. There are additional seven lines underneath each day for extra notes. You can fill with them with summary of the day or a to-do list.

A mini calendar of the month at the bottom left, with the week of the month marked for quick reference.

Monthly Schedule 

Each month features a lot of free spaces. You could use these spaces to record any notes or to-do lists, sketches, illustrations or adorn with your stickers and rubber stamps freely.

A mini calendar of the following month at the bottom left.


Schedule Periods: 

Monthly | Oct 2023 - Dec 2024

Weekly | Oct 2023 - 1st week of Jan 2025


Yearly Calendar, Weekly Schedule; Monthly Schedule; Memo Pages; Contact & Address Pages; Japan Railway Maps; Personal Info Page

Size: H126 × W105 × D11 mm