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Hatsu Midori

Hatsu Midori Sticker - Corner Series with Four Seasons


Discover the enchanting "Four-Season Corners" series sticker sheets! These delightful stickers showcase different corners of Delittles Town in specific seasons, allowing you to learn about the activities of Hatsu's adorable animal friends during each cozy time of the year. Let your imagination roam as you explore the captivating world of Delittles Town through these fun and charming stickers. Collect them all and dive into the magical stories behind each seasonal scene!

Perfect for adorning your journal pages, outgoings  scrapbooks, or any mixed media projects. These stickers would definitely allow you to create a beautiful and alluring vibe on your pages, gifts and outgoings.


Hatsu Midori 

Introducing Hatsu, a brilliant independent artist hailing from the sunny shores of Malaysia. Nestled in a charming home studio, Hatsu paints her world with brushes, coloured pencils, and a heart full of inspiration.

From a comforting cup of coffee or tea to the joy of games and journaling, Hatsu's creative process embodies the simple pleasures of life. Her artwork is a testament to the beauty of everyday moments, the magic of cuisines, the warmth of celebrations, the hues of nature, and the enchantment of the seasons, with a special love for Autumn.


Content: x1 washi sticker paper + x1 backcard print

Sticker Sheet Size: 5 x 3 inch (approx 7.6 x 12.7cm)

Designed by Hatsu Midori 

Made in Malaysia